We have classes to suit everyone...


 Infant group
    Age 4-7

Our youngest dancers have their class at St Luke's Community Hall, Eccleston. The children's dance classes are held on Saturday mornings. They are helped by lots of our older girls and the Dance Leaders make sure that everyone has fun!


Lower Juniors 
  Age 6-8

The junior class love to try out new things and always have great fun doing it. In school years 2, 3 and 4, they learn ballet, tap, street dance, musical theatre and love singing.

Junior Class

Our amazing Junior class aged 8-12 enjoy lots of dance styles and love musical theatre.  They have a choreography group to learn to make their own dances, they learn ballet and stage technique, some street dance and they come in with ideas of their own too!

Junior Tap
Junior Tap

Junior tap dancers have their own new classs, to take their tap technique to the next level!

Excel Dance
Age 11-18

Excel Dance is a fast paced, energetic group, who meet in the Citadel dance studio. With two groups (12-14 and 15-18), they cover many different dance styles and genres, and also enjoy working on their own choreography too. Many of them have completed the Dance Leaders award.  They perform regularly in shows, competitions and dance challenge events, and are always looking for a new adventure or opportunity!

Pointe ballet
Age 13+

Our senior girls who have experience in ballet have their own Saturday morning pointe class, with lots of space and the use of our ballet barres. They work on core strength, advanced technique and conditioning.  The emphasis is on correct and safe technique appropriate to the dancers' needs, which is Fiona's particular focus and area of expertise. 

Senior Tap

An energetic senior tap class on Saturday mornings keeps the older dancers on their toes! Working on advanced steps, interesting rhythms, and a variety of tap genres, from musical theatre to street tap, and everything in between!

Adult tap
Adult Ballet Fit (NATD)

Lots of chat, fun and friendship in the adult tap class, who meet on Monday evenings after the children are in bed.  Beginners and new members are always welcome.  

Did you learn ballet as a child and wish you could do it again? Always wanted to learn ballet?  Alongside the adult tap class, there is a fitness based ballet group, which has been running for three years and we work at a manageable pace on the NATD ballet fit syllabus.  Beginners and new members are welcome, no matter what your age or ability.  Each grade takes approximately 10 weeks to complete.